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Musician Noni Rene, originally from Philadelphia, now resides in Queens, New York. She produced her own sound while a student at The Lincoln University. Now an alumnus, she is working as a musician full time. 


Singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and founder of her own production company (TheVillageKid Productions), Noni Rene released her debut EP "Coming To Paz" in June of 2014. Noni has lended her sound to other local artists by providing vocal or guitar accompaniment. She was featured on “Love Joint II” by Washington D.C. artist NishoSoul, as well as “Live It Up” by San Antonio artist Greg G. She is currently working to release a full album. Her single, “Good Vibes” was released in the summer of 2015.


Noni has performed at Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the ODUNDE Festival in Philadelphia, where she opened for Hip Hop legends Big Daddy Kane (2013) and Rakim (2014). Since 2013 she has performed at the STooPS Festival in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York. In 2014, she was the viewer's choice to open for the culminating performers, Tamar Kali and jessica Care moore. In 2015 and 2016, Noni was voted into the AfroPunk Battle of the Bands, and performed as a semi-finalist. 


Noni is primarily a rock artist, but she produces and composes music of other genres such R&B, Electronica, and Jazz. Her influences include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, N.E.R.D., Res, Van Hunt and Tamar Kali. Originality is hard to come by with the ever-evolving genres in today's music. Nevertheless, Noni's talent and dedication continue to provide an inspiration not only to those around her, but to any who truly embrace the vibe. 


Featured in Nu Breed Magazine where it's been said "Noni's songs are very relatable and personable, which allows the audience to get lost in her words as they spiral into a parallel universe also known as the mind of 'TheVillageKid.'" Noni Rene was also featured in Aesthetics Magazine, Sunset City Radio, the "Only Women Wear High Heels" Radio Show and KEMET magazine. 


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