"Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal" ... For Real?

Well, that's the truth according to Pablo Picasso ... I can't say that I totally agree; however, I think it can relate back to a sentiment I felt when I was inspired to OFFICIALLY create this music blog. Yes, "officially"!

I am a proud "music nerd", and have been encouraged over the years to create a blog to share what I know in the realm of music. Shout out to those motivators; I hope you enjoy! This is for you, and me.

To be clear, I do not support or cosign "stealing", BUT as an artist, I CONSTANTLY need to be fueled with inspiration. This blog will be a hub for musical creations that make me proud and excited to do what I do. Since a lot of what I enjoy flies under the radar, I hope to open up readers to artists and creations they might not have known about before.

So when you read right below the blog title, "Source material for good and great artists", know that is me totally being facetious. This is a place where someone who looks to be inspired shares her findings. 

Songs, lyrics, album covers, music videos, interviews, live performances, and things of that nature ...

If you find yourself wanting to "copy" or "steal", give credit where it's due. 

Please & Thank you.

Alright, now ... Onward with the scheduled programming!