Everybody's Got A Thing...

1 of my FAVORITE artists covering 1 of my FAVORITE songs by another 1 of my FAVORITE artists! When I saw this performance, I was in heaven. I'm talking complete BLISS. I have a feeling Pharrell is responsible for the song choice, and Ryan Tedder KILLS the vocals!

I will say, I feel like Ryan Tedder was using the moment to show off a bit, while Pharrell was simply having a good time honoring Stevie. Nevertheless, great performance! I'm so glad this happened!

Sippin on Some SZA

I just heard SZA's latest song, "Drew Barrymore" the other day, and that she's getting ready to release a new album, CTRL! 

I've been keeping up with SZA for years, and I'm liking her growth! Love her fashion sense, songwriting, voice, and big hair

1st video is the music video for one of my favorite songs by her, "Babylon":

2nd video is her recent live performance of her new song, "Drew Barrymore":

**Edit: Sza has since released a music video for the single, which features an apropos cameo by Drew Barrymore, and is featured below!**

Well That's Exactly What I Came For!

Anderson .Paak ...

If you don't know ... watch this video so you can KNOW! I wrote a post featuring a song of his ("Suede") recently. Check that out if you haven't yet!

Sick drummer ... I LOVE his raspy, soulful voice ... love his rapping style and songwriting ...

This guy is dope, so please just ... take a listen to this NPR Tiny Desk Concert!

I LOVE the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series, btw! Thank you NPR for getting them!

Gaga for Gaga! Superbowl LI Halftime Show!

I have recently regained my appreciation for Lady Gaga. She really is a true pop artist, and I'm glad she's out here kicking @$$ and taking names! I've watched this Superbowl halftime performance several times, and every time I watch it I'm engaged and happy to see her!

I love artists who stay true to who they are no matter the setting. Gaga stayed true to Gaga throughout this performance. I love that she goes into the audience to have physical contact with fans, shouts out her parents, and has unexpected leaps in the beginning and end of her performance - she keeps you guessing!

Thank you for your quirkiness, your AMAZING vocals, flamboyance and outrageousness! Go Gaga!

A Master Class By MJ

As a performer, I often run into issues with sound engineering. We (musicians) all do.

That is what made this performance especially resonate with me. MJ doesn't skip a beat! He doesn't show any frustration, or angst in his facial expressions or body language. He is in it!

The moment. The song. The music. That's it.

Now, who's to say who got a good verbal lashing once he got off stage? I have a feeling someone lost their job that day because c'mon ...


and the F%$k ups are CLEAR!

Still, Mike gave an AMAZING performance. He left his heart on the stage!

Thank you, MJ. 

No shirt +Shiny Pants + 5'o'clock Shadow + PORN-STACHE = 70s Soul Revival!

When I first saw this performance, there were things from a musically technical standpoint that got to me; HOWEVER ...

With art, sometimes you have to nix technicality! The process of creation, and the execution of performance are about the FEELING! Childish Gambino has got the feeling! 

I wasn't there for the 70s, so I can't say what they felt like, but I think Gambino would have been well received with the energy he's giving here.