Gaga for Gaga! Superbowl LI Halftime Show!

I have recently regained my appreciation for Lady Gaga. She really is a true pop artist, and I'm glad she's out here kicking @$$ and taking names! I've watched this Superbowl halftime performance several times, and every time I watch it I'm engaged and happy to see her!

I love artists who stay true to who they are no matter the setting. Gaga stayed true to Gaga throughout this performance. I love that she goes into the audience to have physical contact with fans, shouts out her parents, and has unexpected leaps in the beginning and end of her performance - she keeps you guessing!

Thank you for your quirkiness, your AMAZING vocals, flamboyance and outrageousness! Go Gaga!

A Master Class By MJ

As a performer, I often run into issues with sound engineering. We (musicians) all do.

That is what made this performance especially resonate with me. MJ doesn't skip a beat! He doesn't show any frustration, or angst in his facial expressions or body language. He is in it!

The moment. The song. The music. That's it.

Now, who's to say who got a good verbal lashing once he got off stage? I have a feeling someone lost their job that day because c'mon ...


and the F%$k ups are CLEAR!

Still, Mike gave an AMAZING performance. He left his heart on the stage!

Thank you, MJ. 

No shirt +Shiny Pants + 5'o'clock Shadow + PORN-STACHE = 70s Soul Revival!

When I first saw this performance, there were things from a musically technical standpoint that got to me; HOWEVER ...

With art, sometimes you have to nix technicality! The process of creation, and the execution of performance are about the FEELING! Childish Gambino has got the feeling! 

I wasn't there for the 70s, so I can't say what they felt like, but I think Gambino would have been well received with the energy he's giving here.